Heaven Sent Bundle

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The Heaven Sent Bundle is designed for those who experience the "red rash" when using Natural Deodorants but still want to continue a chemical free lifestyle. Therefore, we have created this perfect bundle for you.

What comes in this bundle?

• One 2 oz. Multi-purpose Naked Healing Salve that will treat the red rash. We call this salve "the Miracle Cream". Watch the videos below for the before and afters. It's quite remarkable.

• One Naked Deodorant of your choice. Pick from our 7 delicious scents. We also have unscented for those who are sensitive to essential oils.

What scent comes in this bundle?

You pick and choose what scent you want. Just let us know on the "Special instructions for seller" section. That's it. If you do not choose a scent, we will ship Lavender as a default. 


• 100% ALL-natural ingredients that contain NO harmful chemicals EVER!

• No need to re-apply until the next day, sometimes even longer.

• NBO is formulated without, parabens, petrolatum, phthalates, or SLS, is made with only natural and soothing ingredients.

• It’s safe, effective, and non-irritating for everyday use.

• 30 days Money Back Guarantee

Free Travel Sash with your first purchase while supplies last.

**You may receive a different container other than the one from the picture, but we guarantee the ingredients and quality are the same.**

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