What's in Your Sweetners??

Are you a diabetic, on a diet, or trying to cut sugar all together and replacing it with artificial sweeteners?

About 19 years ago while I was trying to shed some pounds, I used artificial sweeteners to replace my sugar intake. And drank diet sodas and ate diet cookies, and diet gum, etc. Who hasn't and who isn't these days?

I was oblivious to the main ingredients in Artificial Sweeteners; so, I consumed them thinking it was okay because it was on the market. I trusted that it was safe, right?

I was totally wrong! Years later, I took the time to search these ingredients from the packet of a well known sweetener for I grew conscientious of what I was putting in my body. I couldn't believe what I was reading.

 I was horrified!!

What kind of chemicals are in popular sweeteners?

Aspartame: (click on the link to learn more)

The side effects are staggering.

I know people who currently consume artificial sweeteners even after I have shared with them my findings, and what Aspartame is, and that there is a Natural alternative called Stevia (it's a natural sweetener derived from a plant, not a lab), which is MUCH BETTER AND HEALTHY for the body. Even after the truth, their main reason why they won't change to Stevia is simply because they can't get passed the taste.

WAIT! WHAT?! Really?

Hmmm...Taste vs. Health, and taste wins? Yes. There is something wrong with this picture, well, not the doggy, he totally represented the look on my face when I heard that response. Lol! No, but really, the manufacturers of the Artificial Sweetener has figured out how to make it taste "delicious" so that people are willing to intake chemicals over a natural alternative. Yikes!

Okay, let's continue with the other 2:

Dextrose & Maltodextrin: (click on the link to learn more)

If you're on a diet, and using Artificial Sweeteners, and left wondering why you haven't lost much weight but actually feeling fuller around the gut area (which happened to me), it's because of these two bad boys:

Maltodextrin is Starch (carbs) and Dextrose is sugar (corn syrup).  The manufacturers only use it for texture and taste.

Something else, If you consume it on a regular basis, in due time, you can experience weight gain and tooth decay.

Say Cheese!!

So, if you are an avid Artificial Sweetener user, please consider Stevia. But be careful which one you purchase, there is a brand name that claims to be natural Stevia, but check their nutrition facts, the real Stevia Sweetener DOES NOT HAVE ANY CARBS! None, nada, zero, zip, niet!

I personally like Trader Joe's Organic Liquid Stevia in liquid form. You can find it here, but it costs less if you buy it at the actual store. It's about $6.99 for a 2 oz bottle. Therefore, for me, Stevia is a perfect replacement, because it's Natural and safe to consume.

Hope you and your loved ones can throw out the Artificial Sweeteners you have at home. I already did, years ago, and my body is thankful.

Make room for a Natural Life Style!

Thanks again for being the best part of Naturally Weis.

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I leave you with this awesome quote:

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Be Safe, Be Courageous, Be Victorious; Be Natural!




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