What's in Your Deo? 😱

Hi Nat-Weis Fam!

I was on Instagram last night looking at the hashtag "#thebestdeodorant" to see what I find, and I came across a post of a girl who explained she had found the best deodorant in the world. The pic she posted was 'Secret'. I'm sure at one point in our lives we all used it, I know I did, and loved it too; the Powder scent was my favorite. It really did work! 

With the years, and well, you know what is said: with age comes wisdom (to some at least, LOL). Thankfully, I started becoming aware of what I ate, what I put on my body, and really began loving myself in some ways. So, I started reading the ingredients on everything!

Wow, I was shocked to see how many chemical based ingredients are added to 'stuff' just to make it smell good and make it look "appealing." Then, we consume and apply on our face and bodies these products on a daily basis.

Have you checked the ingredients in any traditional Deodorant?


If you notice, there is an "Active" and "Inactive" ingredient. The "Active ingredient" is the chemical that is intended to do what it's supposed to do, in this case, stop you from sweating and smelling. The "Inactive ingredient" is ALL the additives. YIKES!

I am attaching a link for each ingredient so you can read what it's made of, and their related side-effects.

Okay, let's break it down:

Active ingredients: (what clogs your sweat glands)

Aluminium zirconium tetrachlorohydrex gly

Inactive ingredients: (all the "other stuff")


Stearyl alcohol


Mineral Oil


Hydrogenated Castor Oil

PPG-14 Butyl Ether



Behenyl Alcohol


What a shock, right? When I found out about these ingredients, I quickly made a change in my family's lifestyle.

Oh! And on top of that, did you read the WARNINGS section? It says: "Ask doctor before use if you have kidney disease." What!? I researched and found this article about antiperspirants. It was very interesting and quite an eye opener (I looked like my buddy down here after I read it).


Think about this; the article mentions that our bodies cannot absorb "enough" aluminum to cause kidney problems from products containing this ingredient. So, why expose our bodies to these types of chemicals? Suggestion, just avoid it totally.

Hence the reason why we developed such an awesome DEO! Our Naked Deodorant® is handcrafted with only God's resources; that's IT!


No additives;

no preservatives;

just nature's


at work!

So, remember the girl on Instagram who explained she had found the best deodorant in the world? I decided to post comment to let her know that there are better deodorants out there... starting with Naked Deodorants®. Still, no response!

I want to take care of myself and my family. Now, we want to take care of you and your family too. Take the time to inform yourself about what's in your DEO, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioners, soaps, etc. Please, these chemicals are not healthy for the body. Check your food ingredients as well.

That's it for today. Thank you for being the best part of Naturally Weis.

See you soon!

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